ADR in full swing

So we are in the middle of our ADR right now.  The is the last step before our great new sound designer Norman Eric Heine can finish the sound design and we will have our completed film.  Exciting times!

A few pics here of our writer and actor Martin Williams in the recording studio with Andrew Bennett and sound designer Norman Eric Heine:


Dylan – Dominic McDonald

Dom 1A wealthy business man who plays fast and loose with the rules, Dylan is not against even breaking some of the smaller ones. As Mark’s uncle he tries to teach him some of his wisdom, unfortunately for him Mark is willing to break the bigger rules to come out on top.

Having worked in the industry since the 80’s in shows such as Neighbours, Blue Heelers & Stingers, Dominic was an invaluable addition to the cast. Bringing a professionalism and understanding of character that helped bring the best and worst out of Dylan on screen.

Trent – Alexander Ritchard

Alex 6

An underling in the criminal world, Trent sees himself becoming a big player soon enough. Running his racket out of a Bingo Hall he hires Joe as a body guard. The pair are like chalk and cheese,  and violence ensues…

A NIDA graduate Alexander was perfectly cast as the slightly eccentric gangster that is Trent. A talented actor and writer he has stared in a multitude of TV ads and short films and brings us something special with his performance in The Margin of Things.