Writing / Story Department

This is the most important area of the whole project.

Without a good script you simply cannot make a good film.

All the drama, all the conflict, all the change you see in the characters in the film are present from the get go in the script.

Now a good idea for a script will take a few drafts to get it into a great script. A great writer knows that writing is in fact re-writing. We now have Margin at the draft 32 version of the script. It is now ready to film. Martin Williams has been a total professional when it comes to listening to idea’s and new takes on the story. Together we have all collaborated and he has made it something special.

We use Final Draft 8 for all of our writing tasks. Its a great platform that the whole team can use, and if you are going to write for a long period – no other programme comes close. We love it. There is a number of our key team who are members of the Australian Writers Guild, which has excellent resources for its members. You should check it out.

Martin Williams — Writer — Whats he up to at the moment?

Hey there guys. I know I’ve been real quiet of late, my bad, but I thought I’d fill you on what I’m up to at the moment in regards to the margin of things and my writing. Well, right now I’m writing. Obviously. Not just this blog but also writing, writing. I’m sifting through notes on the margin of things from producers, directors, trusted writer friends and going through and writing a new draft. We are almost there now.

But I am also rewriting another idea of mine that I have been working on for some time.

I have found that while you have one major project to work on its always a good idea to have another one on the go and then prepare a couple of ideas, so the cycle continues. Writing is a muscle after all. And the more you use it, the easier it becomes to sit down and face that blank screen. Having other ideas on the boil also helps your main project as well because it allows your mind to relax and think about it subconsciously. So that’s what I’m up to. Working primarily on TMOT. Rewriting and redrafting another script and then working up 3 to 4 other ideas to get them an outline. Exciting. Tiring. Always fascinating.

5 books I think any screenwriter should read, not so you can follow their ideas religiously but so you have an idea about how to break down and talk about a script. These are in no particular order:

* Save the Cat series – Blake Snyder
* Story – Robert McKee
* Screenplay – Syd Field
* William Goldman’s – Four screenplays & his two books on writing in Hollywood.
* Backstory a digital magazine. Read what current screenwriters are up to. A must if you have an iPad.

And then of course there are a copious amount of screenplays that you should read, or be trying to, here are just a few of my favourites:

* The Dark Knight Rises
* 500 days of Summer
* The ShawShank redemption
* Magnolia
* North by Northwest
And also get your hands on anything by William Goldman.