Special Effects (SFX)

This is one of the most fun area’s on our production.

Our man, Terry Sylva, has constructed a “Blood Canon” which will be used in the film. It is made using quality PVC pipes, taps, stop cocks and hose fittings.

Terry talks blood.

G’day – we have used fake blood on a number of our projects, and after much trial and error we have found that the blood recipe that was used by Martin Scorsese on the film “TAXI DRIVER” is the best. It is more playable to your look – it can be thinned with water, or put into the fridge to thicken it as well. Pound for pound it is the champ..

Fake Blood

90g Water
90g Propylene Glycol (antifreeze)
90g Red Food Colour
8.5g Yellow Food Colour
6.5g Green Food Colour
3.4g Zinc Oxide (white pigment)
3.0g Dishwashing Detergent
2.7g Preservative

Blend all this together well, this stock can be stored in the fridge for a long time in between shoots. When ready to make mix this with glycose syrup 4.5 parts to 1 part colour concentrate. This will give a good thick mixture that canbe thinned using water to give all kinds of effects and sprays. If you need it to be thicker a small amount corn flour can be added. If you need it to be darker add another bit green food colour.

Blood Cannon
To make some great blood spatter and gunshot effects a ‘blood cannon’ is essential. By using an empty soft drink bottle, PVC ball valve (I used 16mm fittings, to fit the neck of the bottle) and some epoxy glue. Glue a bicycles pump to a screw fitting and use to pressurise the inside of the blood cannon. Now your ready for some mayhem. I found that using thinned blood with higher air pressures gives a finer spray effect and using thicker blood with lower pressure gives less spread but more flowing effects. Have fun experiemnting with this.

Check out the video on YouTube.

NOTE: Fake blood will stain anything if not cleaned off straight away with lots of water.