Art Department

Hi all, welcome to the Art Department.

Here we will discuss how we are approaching the look of the film, which includes the characters look, the location look, and dressing the sets. It is a major department that covers hair and make up, wardrobe, set design, set building, set dressing, and locations.  Basically we will have had a hand in everything you see on screen, one way or another.

Merryn Schofield is our Art Director, here is a little introduction from Merryn:

I have been production designer for only a year and have worked on two feature films, many short films and a few TVC’s. I’ve also studied for this at college in Randwick, Sydney, Australia. I’ve loved the film industry, ever since I was a little girl; I’ve always wanted to work in movies, to be around film making.  Now I’m actually making them. It’s such a great feeling when you’ve accomplished something you’ve worked so hard and long for, then embracing the people around you and saying “we did it!”

For me it is the ultimate feeling.

It is a great honour to work with the team of creative’s who are making The Margin Of Things, everyone is working incredibly hard and so far, everyone has collaborated extremely well. I love the combined spirit we have which enables us come up with really good ideas.

See some of my Idea’s for the look of the film / Sets / Characters etc below…

Easy Peasy….