Director’s View

Life can heap itself upon you. You have to deal with the pile, or dig your way out.

Exhaustion can cause us to take on a number of unwanted burdens and this is where The Margin of Things begins.

I had quite a personal connection with Martin Williams’s screenplay on first reading. I am sure everyone, at some point, has felt stuck in a form of stasis. Whether it is with the wrong boss, the wrong friends or just tired ambitions.  It is easy in those moments to think that this is how it is meant to be. Then something propels you into making a life changing decision that could make or break your future.

At its core, The Margin of Things is a character driven, crime-comedy that I want people to find fun, witty and energetic. I also see the potential of much darker, emotional character journeys similar to the layers in such films as In Bruges and Brick.

I feel that a distinctive plot is the result of well-established characters and not the other way around. Sure, it is useful to come up with an interesting situation, but it is the combination of interesting characters that will make that situation unique and ultimately take that story somewhere surprising. I love working with characters and my goal is to realise them with the team and capture them in a way where they push the story into fun and exciting territory.

The camera is such an important part of storytelling and Martin’s dynamic script gives space for a lot of style. I can already see the frantic, handheld dialogue sequences and the moments where we sit patiently at a distance while the characters isolate themselves in their environment. There is a lot of potential for the camera to enhance the playfulness, tension and reflective lyricism of the script.

Making a film with a sense of place is very important to me and I want to show a side of Sydney that isn’t just part of the typical CBD, Kings Cross or sunny beach suburbs. Personally, I identify with a Sydney that feels far more suburban, industrial, diverse and at times, isolating. I would like to utilise locations around Sydney in a way that some may find familiar, and others may find culturally insightful.

I want The Margin of Things to be a film that makes the whole team proud.

Influencing styles: In Bruges, Brick, Heat, Snatch, Breaking Bad