Dylan – Dominic McDonald

Dom 1A wealthy business man who plays fast and loose with the rules, Dylan is not against even breaking some of the smaller ones. As Mark’s uncle he tries to teach him some of his wisdom, unfortunately for him Mark is willing to break the bigger rules to come out on top.

Having worked in the industry since the 80’s in shows such as Neighbours, Blue Heelers & Stingers, Dominic was an invaluable addition to the cast. Bringing a professionalism and understanding of character that helped bring the best and worst out of Dylan on screen.

Trent – Alexander Ritchard

Alex 6

An underling in the criminal world, Trent sees himself becoming a big player soon enough. Running his racket out of a Bingo Hall he hires Joe as a body guard. The pair are like chalk and cheese,  and violence ensues…

A NIDA graduate Alexander was perfectly cast as the slightly eccentric gangster that is Trent. A talented actor and writer he has stared in a multitude of TV ads and short films and brings us something special with his performance in The Margin of Things.

Alana – Michelle Pastor

Michelle 3

Intelligent and strong willed Alana has caught herself between the man she wants and the ones she uses. Transforming herself she may have finally found someone she doesn’t have to lie to. If only she knew what he was capable of.

We were thrilled to have Michelle on board for the part of Alana. A professional actor and writer, including recently writing and performing in her own cabaret, Michelle also has several years experience as a dancer and a singer. With an extensive acting career in film, television and theatre, Michelle is perfect for this role.

Phil – Tom McCathie

Tom 10

Having worked his way from the bottom Phil is a powerful man who does not take lightly to being played a fool. He takes Bryan’s inability to pay back a debt as a personal insult and with this puts plans in motion to make sure he get’s what he’s owed.

Tom McCathie has years of experience in TV, advertisements and film both locally and internationally. He brought a wealth of experience and wisdom to the set and a power of strength the the character.

Mark – Martin Williams

Marty 20

Mark comes from wealth but is forever running away from the shadow of his father. Having tried multiple schemes to make his own way this last one he takes Bryan on may push them both over the edge

Martin graduated from WAAPA in 2005 through the acting strain and has recently studied in New York at the Atlantic Theatre Acting School and is the only man that could play Mark just right.

Not only does he star in this film but the wrote the story the script that this all began with. His scripts that have placed in competitions such as Francis Ford Coppola’s American Zoetrope screenplay contest and Creative Screenwriting Magazines screenplay contest.

Bryan – Benjamin Ross

Ben 22

Bryan is in a world of debt and tries to get through it by legitimate means until his friend Mark convinces him otherwise. Taking a risk may be the very thing that ends it all.

Benjamin Ross is a recent graduate from the acclaimed full time course at Actors Centre Australia. He has made quiet an impact already with his Luminous and enthralling portrayal of Mickey in critically acclaimed Pants Guys Production of The Knowledge at the New Theatre.