ADR in full swing

So we are in the middle of our ADR right now.  The is the last step before our great new sound designer Norman Eric Heine can finish the sound design and we will have our completed film.  Exciting times!

A few pics here of our writer and actor Martin Williams in the recording studio with Andrew Bennett and sound designer Norman Eric Heine:


Festival Update – Montevideo!

Hi all,

An update about choosing festivals and the process that we are going through to select the most suitable ones for our film.  Did you know that there are an estimated 50,000 new films each year submitted to the festival circuit hoping for a distribution deal?

There are hundreds of film festivals too and the choice can be mind boggling.  Also it costs to enter each film festival so blindly entering your film into as many film festivals as you can without doing any research is not a good idea.

For The Margin Of Things, our writer and actor Marty Williams has been doing the research for us and narrowing down the suitable festivals for The Margin Of Things.  Here’s an update from Marty about the process he’s going through and his methods for selecting the festivals.

He recorded this smack in the middle of a film shoot in Montevideo.  Top work on getting this out Marty!

As ever, music by our composer Bobby Gwin.


Montevideo Festival update – Marty Williams from The Margin of Things on Vimeo.